Day 60: Carbs vs. Calories – The Great Experiment

Morning weight: 183.2 lbs. 

Daily feeling score: 7.4

Calories: 2138    Carbs: 130

Workout: None.


Ladies and gentlemen we have hit the 60 day mark! That is it has been 60 days since we started this hypothesis of dropping weight by paying attention to our carbs and eating as many calories as we want. I have dropped from 192.8 lbs. to 193.2 lbs. Darned, by now, I would have liked to have seen a loss of at least 10 lbs. But the good news is that I didn’t starve myself or kill myself on cardio. I’ve taken this nice and easy. I’ve also sprinkled in quite a few nights of adult beverages, had sweets and not adhered to the no more than 12 carbs every 2 hours rule. I probably could have dropped quicker, but I wasn’t trying to inconvenience myself.

Today is time to experiment with what a bunch of carbs from popcorn will do. I purposely bought the popcorn that has no sugar carbs. I ate at least six servings-about 130 carbs (OUCH!).  Tomorrow let’s see what the scale says?!

What about how I’m feeling? Feeling OKarewewinning… about a 7.4. A little down today but probably because of my side thoughts of my career. Remember, I’m your average person working in the corporate world.

Smile Often!