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Archive for December 11th, 2016

Morning weight: 182.8 lbs. 

Daily feeling score: 8.1

Calories: 1844    Carbs: 50


Workout: None.

It took 63 days to reach the 10 pound mark. This was with lots of starts and stops. Too many undisciplined days of binging on desserts. The next 10 lbs. will limit those. The path to losing weight is momentum. I will continue dropping weight by watching carbs. I have a challenge finding foods with low carbs and high calories. My caloric intake is very low too. I still need to prove that low carbs and high calories will still equal weight loss.


Smile Often!

Morning weight: 184.0 lbs. 

Daily feeling score: 7.1

Calories: 2245    Carbs: 117

Workout: None.


Been a bit of a disaster. The increase in carbs has also increased calories. The slight weight gain may be attributed to either higher carbs or calories? Popcorn has so many of both. We will revisit The Great Experiment because I am looking for the perfect food for assuaging the snacking urge.

The snack topic is important. What can I eat for snacks? Foods that help with the desire to snack include: celery, sugar-free jello, Atkin’s shakes, very small amounts of nuts, dried seaweed and cheese.  I will keep adding to the list.

Smile often!