Business trips, days-boxingstaythecourseoff, Thanksgiving and relatives in town. All excuses to eat more carbs than I want! Big excuses, but I’m still proving that I can lose weight and consume copious amounts of calories. I’m not killing myself with cardio. I’m not starving myself with too few calories. I’m eating right and dropping the weight.

The good news is….my focus and concentration is about average. This means that dropping this weight isn’t impacting my ability to focus and do good work.

I know the rate of weight loss hasn’t been as high as we’ve expected. I blame it on proving that we can achieve a decent weight loss and still have a good time.

I think we can shift gears now. I will drop the weight faster and start answering more questions about weight loss.

Questions like

How does sleep impact our weight loss?

What does net carbs mean to us?

Fiber carbs or sugar carbs, does it matter?

Does eating a whole bag of popcorn affect my blood sugar?

Do diet drinks affect my weight loss?

Why not bread?

… and more!


Smile Often!