Day 9: Carbs vs. Calories – McDonald’s
Morning weight: 188.4 lbs.
Daily feeling score: 7.4
Calories: 1853 Carbs: 57
Workout: N/A

mcdonalds   Yes. I can go to McDonald’s. I ordered a la carte; two sausages and one scrambled egg. This has 446 calories and 3 carbs. The Chicken McNuggets looked and smelled delicious. But I know the routine. Look down at my gut, think about my health and look at my wife and daughter. I want to be around a while so it’s worth it to me to lean up!
My feeling score is to a 7.4. I think about snacking on popcorn or something while I’m at work. I sit all day on a computer. It’s easy to drop back to bad habits. The long-term goal is a series of steps. I will prevail.

Here’s where we are since we’ve started.

Pounds lost = 4. 4

Where are we?

This is easy!

Smile Often!