Morning weight: 189.2 lbs. 

Daily feeling score: 7.2

Calories: 1611    Carbs: 45

Workout: Chest, Hanging abs, 30 min


Remember what we said: ‘Increase calories’ well we sure did that yesterday. I weighed in this morning and what do you know? Dropped a little over half a pound. (Weigh-ins are in the morning) . Today I couldn’t find any food around the house to eat. I had my choice of high carb foods such as Bugles or popcorn but decided to maintain. Today was a low calorie day. We’ll push that back up tomorrow.

Restless night. I couldn’t go to sleep until about 2 am so I’m feeling sluggish on this beautiful Columbus Day. Had four glasses of wine to celebrate. I shouldn’t drink that much but since I didn’t have the day off from work thought I’d celebrate my own way.

Smile Often!