Day 7: Carbs vs. Calories – Don’t Panic

Morning weight: 189.8 lbs. 

Daily feeling score: 8.2

Calories: 2191    Carbs: 35

Workout: N/A


I jumped up almost a pound! This is good. We said we would increase our calories and see if sustaining that keeps pushing up our weight. This entire experiment is to test this hypothesis. What hypothesis? That calories don’t put on the weight, carbohydrates do! The rules specifically stated that we are ok as long as we trend downward. I might spike up and down but as long as the trend is going down we are doing just fine. Just like the title says. Don’t panic!

My shorts that I bought when I weighed around 175 pounds are not unsnapping. They have a very weak snap and when I was weighing around 193 pounds they would unsnap all the time. This is a great feeling. A true benefit of dropping weight is that clothes that I have stored away may now fit! I know this is just 7 days into it, but I can already tell that this is working.

Feeling very good today. Might be the catching up on sleep. My daughter slept through the night. Thank goodness for rest!

Smile Often!