Morning weight: 189.0 lbs.  

Daily feeling score: 7.8

Calories: 2170    Carbs: 51

Workout: N/A


The question has been thrown out there… “You’re dropping weight but the calories you consume are also lower. Isn’t that affecting your weight loss?”  Today I need to get on track. Our victory only comes when I can prove that I may consume as many calories as I want but keep my carbs under a certain amount each day and for each hour. As of today I will increase my caloric intake significantly. I did that by shooting it up to over 2100. My weight should continue to drop as my calories increase.

My rhythm was a touch off today. I was kept up most of the night by a sick toddler. This had the chain reaction of later meals. Also my body probably didn’t have full work on metabolizing the nutrition from the day before. This is why this experiment is taking place. All of those variables affect weight loss and proper nutrition. It also helps to see how we “feel”.


Smile often!