Morning weight: 189.6 lbs. 

Daily feeling score: 7.4

Calories: 1604    Carbs: 50

Workout: N/A

Yes, you can have alcohol. I’ve had a good week aDrink the winend it’s Friday night! Cabernet wine has 3 carbs for every half a cup. If I drink the equivalent of a little more than two glasses then I should end up with only 6 carbs! Bonus points- because without all those extracurricular foods in our system then alcohol has a more potent effect on our system. We become cheap drunks ;-). Stay away from beer! It’s got a ton of carbs. Once I’m down in weight I’ll experiment with some low carb beers like the Ultra brand. My personal favorite mixed drink is the diet coke and Patron tequila! No carbs. You must be careful, though. If you order the drink mixed they may accidently give you a regular coke with Patron. Always ask for the diet coke with a shot or two on the side. Get it chilled! So good!

How do I feel? Pretty good for dropping this much weight. It’s been easy and steady. I’m not binging or starving each day. My blood sugar is controlled and stable. These are the keys to proper diet and nutrition.


Smile Often!