Day 4: Carbs vs. Calories

Morning weight: 190.4 lbs. 

Daily feeling score: 7.4

Calories: 1362    Carbs: 44

Workout: Chest, Hanging abs. 30 min.

The momentum builds

The momentum builds

Today was a good day because this is where I want to be with the limiting of carbs. A point where I don’t think about snacks or what’s for dinner. I’ve experienced this before and it comes after the initial two or three days when the body settles in and food becomes a side thought.

Tonight I didn’t have the normal cravings for food so I ended up drinking a low carb smoothie for dinner.  This is a nice snowball effect of eating low-carbs. The elimination of cravings and hunger encourages more low-carb eating—the momentum builds!

My feeling score went back up to 7.4. I had decent energy and a good workout during my lunch. This score may go up more if I could get a little more sleep. My daughter has been waking up several times during the night!

Smile Often!