Morning weight: 188.2 lbs. 

Daily feeling score: 7.5

Calories: 1867    Carbs: 48

Workout: Chest, Hanging abs 30 mins.

weightsWhen I dropped weight before it was for my wedding. That was over four years ago. That’s when I first learned about how carbs affect me. I knew keeping those down was one of the big “keys” to success. Another small action item was to up my cardio; 3-4 times a week. The heavy-duty free weights took a back seat. This went down to once a week for each major body part i.e. chest, back, shoulders and legs, as the normal maintain routine. This dropped some of the weight but I’m afraid it took away my strength; along with some muscle. This TIME… I want to maintain my workouts and drop the right weight—body fat. That is our goal. We don’t want to go crazy with cardio. We want to relax, eat well and drop those pounds the proper way.

*HINT- If you get hunger twinges, eat some celery. That really won’t affect our numbers. You won’t even need to record it anywhere.

Smile Often!