Morning weight: 188.4 lbs. 

Daily feeling score: 7.4

Calories: 1616    Carbs: 47

Workout: Legs, Hanging abs 30 mins.

beltbuckleThe “why?” of most things I do is my motivation. I have lots of “whys”. That’s not a problem. My belt is a why…Yes that is correct. I know that I’m making progress based on my belt. When I started about 10 days ago my belt was going from the second to the last eyelet from the end, to where it is now comfortable. It was about to go to the very last eyelet. After that it would have been buy another larger belt. This progress might not seem like a lot –believe me – it is! These small wins are what make this Carb vs. Calorie fight so fun. The little jab I make in the fight is setting my body up to make further progress. I’m losing the weight the right way. Not starving myself, taking unnatural herbs or giving myself enemas to purge myself. I’m eating all the meat and cheese probably that I want. Keeping the carbs under control is how I win!

This morning I had a Starbuck’s double shot espresso light. It had only 5 carbs, but it was all sugar carbs. Later in the morning I was very hungry. The sugar balance is important. The more sugar you have the more cravings you’ll have. It’s a true example of delayed gratification. Carbs = sugar = blood sugar spikes = weight gain. Easy math!


Smile Often!