Day 3: Carbs vs. Calories

Morning weight: 190.8 lbs. 

Daily feeling score: 7.0

Calories: 1782    Carbs: 65

Workout: None

Preparation is key for meeting almost any goal. Before I go out to dinner I decide and research what I will have before we leave the house. Of course I have a good idea of what has low carbs – at least I thought. Picking a place to have dinner with the family is a bit of a challenge. Especially when you don’t pick the place. We were headed to Luby’s. I knew that liver and onions should be a good choice. I quickly googled it on my iPhone for the nutritional numbers we care about and it all looked well. No more than 12 carbs!  But when I got home. Doh!

Assumed wrong!

A double check on my favorite nutritional website:, made me cry a bit. Apparently Luby’s mixes the liver and onion with syrup sprinkled with sugar. The carb count is 50g!? I gain composure and remind myself I got the Luan plate which is half the serving size. I also didn’t eat too many of grilled onions. The dinner is still a touch over 20 carbs. We will see what that does to us tomorrow with the weight.

What did I learn? Be more specific on what I look up on the websites. If there is a restaurant food they probably have nutritional information somewhere on the internet. Take the time to find it. Each place has their own secret recipes that may include tons of sugar or bread mixed in. Other restaurants that served liver and onions only had 3-7 g of carbs.


Smile Often!