It’s already Day 2

Morning weight: 191.8 lbs.

Daily feeling score: 7.2

Calories: 1747    Carbs: 44.6

Workout: None

Don't stop

Don’t stop

Some small cravings today. I wanted to snack on some popcorn or cashews after work and that would have been my normal routine. Kicking that bad habit for a while should adjust my body’s expectations.   The result- even less cravings later on.  I liked that I dropped a pound already. Caution! We have to remember that even if we go up and down in our weight a little as long as the trend is down with our weight that’s the small objective. This is what it’s all about. Each day dropping a little is better than the wild swings in weight. Control and knowledge about what spikes up the weight are keys.  Understanding what we can eat and when. Of course, people are all different when it comes to our weight. We won’t know unless we monitor and track. Keep it up!

I gave my day a 7.2. I did feel a little sluggish. This may have been the lack of sleep or thoughts of the job. I don’t attribute anything to the 44.6 carbs.

Smile Often!