Carbs vs Calories


Tough fighters

Tough fighters

The gloves are on. The opponents are warmed up. Get r…e….a…d…y to… R U M B L E! The fight of the decade begins!….. Ok… maybe this isn’t about boxing. But it’s a match that’s important. The fight is Carbohydrates versus Calories. This is something I’ve wanted to prove for a very long time. The misconception is that calorie watching and limiting will drive a person’s weight down. You’ve heard it before. If I keep my calories below 2000 and I burn 500 then the math works out where a person will lose about a half a pound. No matter what side you’re on, in the end it won’t matter. I intend to provide solid proof that the better way is to watch and limit your carbohydrates. I will track, monitor and analyze the two fighters to see which one is the better fighter. I will journal each day and post it for all to see.



  1. Once a day One person- me will do a morning weigh-in.
    1. Why is this important? This will help determine.
    2. Provide daily feedback on what foods are causing spikes or the best weight loss.
    3. Motivates me to cut out more carbs.
  2. I will keep track of how many calories I take in and naturally how many carbs I take in. In addition I will keep track of WHEN I eat the calories/carbs.
    1. Why is this important? This is important because the body’s blood sugar level is affected by too many carbs consumed in a short period of time. My idea is to eat more than enough calories for an average adult male.
    2. The carbs however will be kept under a certain amount. Hint: No more than 12 carbs in an hour.
  3. I will also provide a score at the end of the day of how I feel. It will be on a scale of 1-10.
    1. Why is this important? It matters that the action of losing weight doesn’t cause mental or physical issues. I should feel better by losing weight and doing it the right way. That is the true test of any “diet”.
    2. The score is not one to measure if negative events happen such as the Dallas Cowboys or Rangers losing a game.
  4. Track the workouts. The physical activity will have some bearing on burning calories/carbs. I will only let you know of what workout I do and for how long. Note** I hate cardio workouts so it will probably be a bunch of free weight workouts that maybe burn a couple hundred calories.
    1. Why is this important? I want to prove that you don’t have to put in insane workouts to drop weight.
    2. There are a lot of racers, marathoners and pretty good athletes that are overweight. They run, bike, swim or whatever and are snug in their jeans!

Calories is the strong veteran. Carbohydrates is the sleek, new comer. Let’s find out which one wins.



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