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Archive for October, 2016

Morning weight: 188.2 lbs. 

Daily feeling score: 7.5

Calories: 1867    Carbs: 48

Workout: Chest, Hanging abs 30 mins.

weightsWhen I dropped weight before it was for my wedding. That was over four years ago. That’s when I first learned about how carbs affect me. I knew keeping those down was one of the big “keys” to success. Another small action item was to up my cardio; 3-4 times a week. The heavy-duty free weights took a back seat. This went down to once a week for each major body part i.e. chest, back, shoulders and legs, as the normal maintain routine. This dropped some of the weight but I’m afraid it took away my strength; along with some muscle. This TIME… I want to maintain my workouts and drop the right weight—body fat. That is our goal. We don’t want to go crazy with cardio. We want to relax, eat well and drop those pounds the proper way.

*HINT- If you get hunger twinges, eat some celery. That really won’t affect our numbers. You won’t even need to record it anywhere.

Smile Often!

Morning weight: 188.4 lbs. 

Daily feeling score: 7.4

Calories: 1616    Carbs: 47

Workout: Legs, Hanging abs 30 mins.

beltbuckleThe “why?” of most things I do is my motivation. I have lots of “whys”. That’s not a problem. My belt is a why…Yes that is correct. I know that I’m making progress based on my belt. When I started about 10 days ago my belt was going from the second to the last eyelet from the end, to where it is now comfortable. It was about to go to the very last eyelet. After that it would have been buy another larger belt. This progress might not seem like a lot –believe me – it is! These small wins are what make this Carb vs. Calorie fight so fun. The little jab I make in the fight is setting my body up to make further progress. I’m losing the weight the right way. Not starving myself, taking unnatural herbs or giving myself enemas to purge myself. I’m eating all the meat and cheese probably that I want. Keeping the carbs under control is how I win!

This morning I had a Starbuck’s double shot espresso light. It had only 5 carbs, but it was all sugar carbs. Later in the morning I was very hungry. The sugar balance is important. The more sugar you have the more cravings you’ll have. It’s a true example of delayed gratification. Carbs = sugar = blood sugar spikes = weight gain. Easy math!


Smile Often!

Day 9: Carbs vs. Calories – McDonald’s
Morning weight: 188.4 lbs.
Daily feeling score: 7.4
Calories: 1853 Carbs: 57
Workout: N/A

mcdonalds   Yes. I can go to McDonald’s. I ordered a la carte; two sausages and one scrambled egg. This has 446 calories and 3 carbs. The Chicken McNuggets looked and smelled delicious. But I know the routine. Look down at my gut, think about my health and look at my wife and daughter. I want to be around a while so it’s worth it to me to lean up!
My feeling score is to a 7.4. I think about snacking on popcorn or something while I’m at work. I sit all day on a computer. It’s easy to drop back to bad habits. The long-term goal is a series of steps. I will prevail.

Here’s where we are since we’ve started.

Pounds lost = 4. 4

Where are we?

This is easy!

Smile Often!

Morning weight: 189.2 lbs. 

Daily feeling score: 7.2

Calories: 1611    Carbs: 45

Workout: Chest, Hanging abs, 30 min


Remember what we said: ‘Increase calories’ well we sure did that yesterday. I weighed in this morning and what do you know? Dropped a little over half a pound. (Weigh-ins are in the morning) . Today I couldn’t find any food around the house to eat. I had my choice of high carb foods such as Bugles or popcorn but decided to maintain. Today was a low calorie day. We’ll push that back up tomorrow.

Restless night. I couldn’t go to sleep until about 2 am so I’m feeling sluggish on this beautiful Columbus Day. Had four glasses of wine to celebrate. I shouldn’t drink that much but since I didn’t have the day off from work thought I’d celebrate my own way.

Smile Often!

Day 7: Carbs vs. Calories – Don’t Panic

Morning weight: 189.8 lbs. 

Daily feeling score: 8.2

Calories: 2191    Carbs: 35

Workout: N/A


I jumped up almost a pound! This is good. We said we would increase our calories and see if sustaining that keeps pushing up our weight. This entire experiment is to test this hypothesis. What hypothesis? That calories don’t put on the weight, carbohydrates do! The rules specifically stated that we are ok as long as we trend downward. I might spike up and down but as long as the trend is going down we are doing just fine. Just like the title says. Don’t panic!

My shorts that I bought when I weighed around 175 pounds are not unsnapping. They have a very weak snap and when I was weighing around 193 pounds they would unsnap all the time. This is a great feeling. A true benefit of dropping weight is that clothes that I have stored away may now fit! I know this is just 7 days into it, but I can already tell that this is working.

Feeling very good today. Might be the catching up on sleep. My daughter slept through the night. Thank goodness for rest!

Smile Often!


Morning weight: 189.0 lbs.  

Daily feeling score: 7.8

Calories: 2170    Carbs: 51

Workout: N/A


The question has been thrown out there… “You’re dropping weight but the calories you consume are also lower. Isn’t that affecting your weight loss?”  Today I need to get on track. Our victory only comes when I can prove that I may consume as many calories as I want but keep my carbs under a certain amount each day and for each hour. As of today I will increase my caloric intake significantly. I did that by shooting it up to over 2100. My weight should continue to drop as my calories increase.

My rhythm was a touch off today. I was kept up most of the night by a sick toddler. This had the chain reaction of later meals. Also my body probably didn’t have full work on metabolizing the nutrition from the day before. This is why this experiment is taking place. All of those variables affect weight loss and proper nutrition. It also helps to see how we “feel”.


Smile often!

Morning weight: 189.6 lbs. 

Daily feeling score: 7.4

Calories: 1604    Carbs: 50

Workout: N/A

Yes, you can have alcohol. I’ve had a good week aDrink the winend it’s Friday night! Cabernet wine has 3 carbs for every half a cup. If I drink the equivalent of a little more than two glasses then I should end up with only 6 carbs! Bonus points- because without all those extracurricular foods in our system then alcohol has a more potent effect on our system. We become cheap drunks ;-). Stay away from beer! It’s got a ton of carbs. Once I’m down in weight I’ll experiment with some low carb beers like the Ultra brand. My personal favorite mixed drink is the diet coke and Patron tequila! No carbs. You must be careful, though. If you order the drink mixed they may accidently give you a regular coke with Patron. Always ask for the diet coke with a shot or two on the side. Get it chilled! So good!

How do I feel? Pretty good for dropping this much weight. It’s been easy and steady. I’m not binging or starving each day. My blood sugar is controlled and stable. These are the keys to proper diet and nutrition.


Smile Often!

Day 4: Carbs vs. Calories

Morning weight: 190.4 lbs. 

Daily feeling score: 7.4

Calories: 1362    Carbs: 44

Workout: Chest, Hanging abs. 30 min.

The momentum builds

The momentum builds

Today was a good day because this is where I want to be with the limiting of carbs. A point where I don’t think about snacks or what’s for dinner. I’ve experienced this before and it comes after the initial two or three days when the body settles in and food becomes a side thought.

Tonight I didn’t have the normal cravings for food so I ended up drinking a low carb smoothie for dinner.  This is a nice snowball effect of eating low-carbs. The elimination of cravings and hunger encourages more low-carb eating—the momentum builds!

My feeling score went back up to 7.4. I had decent energy and a good workout during my lunch. This score may go up more if I could get a little more sleep. My daughter has been waking up several times during the night!

Smile Often!

Day 3: Carbs vs. Calories

Morning weight: 190.8 lbs. 

Daily feeling score: 7.0

Calories: 1782    Carbs: 65

Workout: None

Preparation is key for meeting almost any goal. Before I go out to dinner I decide and research what I will have before we leave the house. Of course I have a good idea of what has low carbs – at least I thought. Picking a place to have dinner with the family is a bit of a challenge. Especially when you don’t pick the place. We were headed to Luby’s. I knew that liver and onions should be a good choice. I quickly googled it on my iPhone for the nutritional numbers we care about and it all looked well. No more than 12 carbs!  But when I got home. Doh!

Assumed wrong!

A double check on my favorite nutritional website:, made me cry a bit. Apparently Luby’s mixes the liver and onion with syrup sprinkled with sugar. The carb count is 50g!? I gain composure and remind myself I got the Luan plate which is half the serving size. I also didn’t eat too many of grilled onions. The dinner is still a touch over 20 carbs. We will see what that does to us tomorrow with the weight.

What did I learn? Be more specific on what I look up on the websites. If there is a restaurant food they probably have nutritional information somewhere on the internet. Take the time to find it. Each place has their own secret recipes that may include tons of sugar or bread mixed in. Other restaurants that served liver and onions only had 3-7 g of carbs.


Smile Often!

It’s already Day 2

Morning weight: 191.8 lbs.

Daily feeling score: 7.2

Calories: 1747    Carbs: 44.6

Workout: None

Don't stop

Don’t stop

Some small cravings today. I wanted to snack on some popcorn or cashews after work and that would have been my normal routine. Kicking that bad habit for a while should adjust my body’s expectations.   The result- even less cravings later on.  I liked that I dropped a pound already. Caution! We have to remember that even if we go up and down in our weight a little as long as the trend is down with our weight that’s the small objective. This is what it’s all about. Each day dropping a little is better than the wild swings in weight. Control and knowledge about what spikes up the weight are keys.  Understanding what we can eat and when. Of course, people are all different when it comes to our weight. We won’t know unless we monitor and track. Keep it up!

I gave my day a 7.2. I did feel a little sluggish. This may have been the lack of sleep or thoughts of the job. I don’t attribute anything to the 44.6 carbs.

Smile Often!