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Create what you want

Create what you want

Paul had it. “This stuff about thinking good thoughts, driving by big houses and hoping for more just doesn’t work!” he cried out to his girlfriend Susan. Paul had read it all, well almost, from Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki, Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, to See You at the Top by Zig Ziglar. Other books by Anthony Robbins, John Maxwell, Jack Welch and a host of other authors filled his bookshelf. “I’m making these guys rich!”

Too many people are in Paul’s shoes. They’ve tried and tried and finally given up. It may have been two, five or ten years later but they’re frustrated and unmotivated now.

If you feel this way about self-motivation and striving for success then you’re not alone. Many, many people feel the same way. Keep reading… don’t give up on me yet.


Brian Tracy wrote a profound message in one of his bestselling book Goals. That message was “You become what you think about, most of the time.” This is an interpretation one of the universal laws—The Law of Attraction. The LOA pulls towards you an undeniable creation of your thoughts. Your thinking sculpts what you become. Are you confident or ambivalent? Do you shape yourself into a motivated, energetic person or is it an angry, cynical person? This creative process is ultimately YOUR responsibility. Sending mixed signals into the universe is a mistake. You must be clear and concise on what you ask for. You can become that what you desire to be.

How do you do that?

It takes more than just reading about success. You have to think, ask, seek and finally become. Motivational books are filled with this almost cliché thought process of “thinking it to have it”. However, most of these books you read have at least one element of truth. That truth is you are placed into the right pattern to read and hear that way of thinking.

Just like food and water is necessary everyday for the body, so is filling your mind every single day with these types of attraction thoughts. You just have to have more refills to see the outcomes of this type of thinking. It’s so easy for one day to fall to the next day without any LOA thoughts—eventually days become weeks and weeks turn into months and so on. Finally, you shrug and say that this thinking is “useless” and “doesn’t work”. You must strive to maintain this belief. You must KNOW it.


Surround yourself with encouragement and inspiration. Keep positive notes, reminders and emails that motivate you to continue these grand thoughts. Subscribe to blogs that share success stories and provide tips for creating “desired outcomes”. It’s easy to quit in the middle and be content on what you have.


This leads to a lot of your frustration. If you see someone who is more successful than you, and has half your ability, so what! You’re probably way ahead financially than most of the people you know. But this won’t matter to you because it’s in our blood to compare ourselves. Everything is relative. We are all unique.

We do not get to certain places in our lives at the same age. You may be 60 years old before you get your first business. Or you might be 20 years old by the time you get your MBA. Who cares!


Turn off the TV, and focus on your thoughts. Eliminate the distractions in your life that take you off course of your success goal. What is it you’re trying to attract? If you’re fighting for these thoughts with the TV then you’re not really focused. I use TV as one of the distracter examples, there are many others. You know what they are. There is a time and place for it. Just watch it on your time. Don’t keep it on in the background.

Those articles that tell you how HARD it is to succeed or “risky” businesses, that occasionally show up on Yahoo or MSN’s front page should NOT be read. Get out of the habit of reading negative articles. You can waste a lot of time and become de-motivated in a hurry. Remember the press is full of negativity. That’s what sells news. Don’t you become a “feeder” of negativity!

Hide or “defriend” your friends on Facebook or MySpace that are continuous complainers or post disparaging comments. You don’t need to see that. I know, I know… Just like moths love the light; we love the drama.


Momentum is on your side. This concept is tried and true. It’s demonstrated by how simple, small raindrops transform into a flood with the power of moving building off of their steel foundations and the couple of dollars that can, over time, exponentially grow into over a million dollars.
If you can get other people, especially positive, successful minded people to help you in your drive for success then your progress is amplified.

Have your significant other post inspirational notes on your mirror; send you success email or links to stories of people that have “made” it. Maybe it’s not about a lot of money, or a great career. Maybe it’s about putting yourself in a position to help fund a mission trip or build a university.


We’ve had the experience of reading a profound page or chapter in a particular book and feel energized deep within our core. Finally, with a sigh, we’ve read something that makes sense! Then two days later we flat-line… again!
You cannot give up. You have to keep reminding yourself of the amount of work it takes. Keep your mind fresh. Exercise, and focus on manifesting what you think about most of the time.

Keep asking, thanking and pursuing your goals.

You also have the knowledge that the journey of “getting there” is part of the fantastic experience.

Smile often!

If you’re usually the type of person that holds yourself back from doing a lot of things or talk yourself out of most activities, you’re probably too much of a thinker.

Should I go back to school? Should I move?

Should I go back to school? Should I move?

Try the “ready, fire aim” approach. Take Action right away without predicting all the outcomes. Most decisions don’t take days, weeks or months of analyzing.

Questions in your mind such as, “Should I ask her out for Friday?” or “I would like to talk to my boss about getting a 10% raise.” are really easy to take action on once you get out of the habit thinking about it.

Break out of that type of thinking! It takes just a little practice.

Here are 7 ways to do that…

  1. Be radical. Get in the habit of doing things outside the box. Start off with an easy exercise. Take a quick photograph of yourself and put it on Get people to rate the photo. You have an opportunity to rate other people’s pics too. After you get a certain rating then dress yourself up and style your hair. Take and post that picture. See if your action pushes up your rating. It’s fun and it’ll get you to do something you’re a little shy about. **I don’t work for them 😉

  3. Be involved. Toastmasters will get you doing something that most people have a tremendous fear of—speaking in public. Don’t think… Just join. You will meet people and learn a lot. Once you can get outside of your comfort level you’ll gain tremendous confidence and the avalanche effect of other things you can do will be tremendous.

  5. Be radical. Post a video on Make sure it shows you. See how many people watch it. Better yet, see how many people comment on it. Who knows maybe millions of people will watch it and you’ll be a celebrity.

  7. Be romantic. When you have date night with your special other, don’t just go to a quiet dinner and a movie. Go dancing and really dance. Dance a lot. If you normally dance then find something else.
  8. Be adventurous. Go to a comedy club that requires audience participation. Make sure they use your material when they ask for content. These are usually comedy clubs that do ad lib stuff. Go to a murder mystery dinner that includes the guests as some of the actors and actresses.

  10. Be embarrassed. This may be very difficult for you because we try so hard not to put ourselves in this type of situation. But try this. When you’re at a clothing store and you are about to buy something find a flaw and ask for a discount on it. Most clothes have a flaw.  Or the next time you’re at the gym, restaurant or store and there’s a person you’re attracted to ask them out! This will force you to act outside yourself. Don’t think about the outcomes or what people are thinking about you. Oh, and if you already do this kind of stuff because that’s just the way you are then you probably should read a different post.

  12. Be free. Once you’re comfortable with this new way of thinking you’ll open the doors to so many other opportunities. It’s normally how we think that keeps us chained to the same habits.

There is so much to explore and experience in this world if we don’t hold ourselves back. Most of the time it just takes small steps to overcome our “hold-back” thinking. You’ve heard it before…your mind can be your best friend or your worst enemy.

“You’ll seldom experience regret for anything that you’ve done. It is what you haven’t done that will torment you.” Wayne Dyer

Once you’ve done some of these activities send me the links like to or and I’ll vote for you or rank you.

Smile Often!

If you want a sure way of cutting your pectoral muscles then do push ups after a big chest day. This will cut the big muscles and reinforce those stabilizer muscles such as the triceps and minor pecs.

Fast, easy and convenient

Fast, easy and convenient

I subscribe to working out two to three body parts per workout. When it’s chest day it’s also triceps day. Bench press, Dumbbell bench, skull crushers, bar dips, flys, protraction and the tri-rope all workout the chest and tri’s. Once those muscles groups have had an opportunity to rest then (preferably at night) a quick series of push-ups does the work of “finishing” those muscles. Work your way up to 50 at a time doing three to four sets. The benefits are tremendous–Definition, increased size and better core workouts.

It’s nice to be out somewhere like a grocery store or the mall and someone flashes me an amazing smile. It has such a fantastic effect on me. My reaction to the smile is interesting as well; depending on who gave it to me. Sometimes I’ll give the smile right back. Sometimes I’ll include a mouthed “Hi, how are you?” Sometimes I’ll doubt that that smile was directed at me and look behind me—searching for who the lucky recipient of the smile is.  Either reaction we shouldn’t worry about smiling back. It has to be a quick reaction. We should remember to smile more.

Smile Often

Smile Often

Smiling does a few things:

  1. Affects our Sexiness A smile is a unique way of passing on powerful, positive energy to those people you encounter. You don’t even have to be super attractive or of model quality to do this. Most people when they smile for that one moment have bonus levels of attractiveness.
  2. Affects our Success A smile is associated with a person who smiles. Your smile will attract people to you like a magnet. People at your meetings will see confidence and be more attentive to what you have to say. Try it!
  3. Affects our Mood If you are down, frustrated or angry… try smiling. It’ll change your mood in a hurry. You’re in Control!
  4. Affects our Body Need drugs? Smiling releases endorphins. You know those natural drugs our body produces that make us feel good. It also lowers blood pressure and creates an unconscious calm.
  5. Affects our Surroundings It’s contagious. Pass the smile on. It starts with you and will probably change lives for that day—or at least change a few attitudes. People will smile at each other with your good example.

I drive a convertible and have tremendous opportunity to let the world see me smile. I want it known that I am enjoying being in the moment. I’m hoping I pass on that great energy to everyone. This is in contrast with a few other people, maybe driving convertibles, who ignore the world. Worse they have a twisted scowl on their face. This is injecting negative energy into the air. We can’t have that.

It doesn’t cost anything extra to smile. It pays back tremendously because it lifts people up.

You have to smile. Smile a lot. It may take practice. But Oh the benefits!

Smile it's easy

Smile it's easy

You can have it all… body, mind, spirit and success!