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Living lavishly, healthy and successfully
  • Morning weight: 181.8 lbs. 
  • Sleep: 6.5
  • Calories: 2136    Carbs: 57
  • Workout: Cardio 45mins.

Starting January 1. We have a rematch of Carbs vs Calories. This time we must increase our calories over 2000 per day. I’ve added a bunch of different foods that are high in calories and low in carbs. Our new goal is to hit under 170 lbs. in 60 days. That is pretty aggressive since we have under 50 days to do that.

We are adding a new stat to measure- Sleep!


Smile Often!

Morning weight: 182.8 lbs. 

Daily feeling score: 8.1

Calories: 1844    Carbs: 50


Workout: None.

It took 63 days to reach the 10 pound mark. This was with lots of starts and stops. Too many undisciplined days of binging on desserts. The next 10 lbs. will limit those. The path to losing weight is momentum. I will continue dropping weight by watching carbs. I have a challenge finding foods with low carbs and high calories. My caloric intake is very low too. I still need to prove that low carbs and high calories will still equal weight loss.


Smile Often!

Morning weight: 184.0 lbs. 

Daily feeling score: 7.1

Calories: 2245    Carbs: 117

Workout: None.


Been a bit of a disaster. The increase in carbs has also increased calories. The slight weight gain may be attributed to either higher carbs or calories? Popcorn has so many of both. We will revisit The Great Experiment because I am looking for the perfect food for assuaging the snacking urge.

The snack topic is important. What can I eat for snacks? Foods that help with the desire to snack include: celery, sugar-free jello, Atkin’s shakes, very small amounts of nuts, dried seaweed and cheese.  I will keep adding to the list.

Smile often!

Day 60: Carbs vs. Calories – The Great Experiment

Morning weight: 183.2 lbs. 

Daily feeling score: 7.4

Calories: 2138    Carbs: 130

Workout: None.


Ladies and gentlemen we have hit the 60 day mark! That is it has been 60 days since we started this hypothesis of dropping weight by paying attention to our carbs and eating as many calories as we want. I have dropped from 192.8 lbs. to 193.2 lbs. Darned, by now, I would have liked to have seen a loss of at least 10 lbs. But the good news is that I didn’t starve myself or kill myself on cardio. I’ve taken this nice and easy. I’ve also sprinkled in quite a few nights of adult beverages, had sweets and not adhered to the no more than 12 carbs every 2 hours rule. I probably could have dropped quicker, but I wasn’t trying to inconvenience myself.

Today is time to experiment with what a bunch of carbs from popcorn will do. I purposely bought the popcorn that has no sugar carbs. I ate at least six servings-about 130 carbs (OUCH!).  Tomorrow let’s see what the scale says?!

What about how I’m feeling? Feeling OKarewewinning… about a 7.4. A little down today but probably because of my side thoughts of my career. Remember, I’m your average person working in the corporate world.

Smile Often!



Business trips, days-boxingstaythecourseoff, Thanksgiving and relatives in town. All excuses to eat more carbs than I want! Big excuses, but I’m still proving that I can lose weight and consume copious amounts of calories. I’m not killing myself with cardio. I’m not starving myself with too few calories. I’m eating right and dropping the weight.

The good news is….my focus and concentration is about average. This means that dropping this weight isn’t impacting my ability to focus and do good work.

I know the rate of weight loss hasn’t been as high as we’ve expected. I blame it on proving that we can achieve a decent weight loss and still have a good time.

I think we can shift gears now. I will drop the weight faster and start answering more questions about weight loss.

Questions like

How does sleep impact our weight loss?

What does net carbs mean to us?

Fiber carbs or sugar carbs, does it matter?

Does eating a whole bag of popcorn affect my blood sugar?

Do diet drinks affect my weight loss?

Why not bread?

… and more!


Smile Often!



Maintaining my weight is not the objective. My goal is to drop significant weight by limiting my carbohydrates. I will only achieve weight loss if my body can use body fat as its energy store rather than from carbs. I will cut out “adult” beverages that contain wine. Cabernet has quite a bit of carbs and maybe that’s what’s keeping my body from pulling its energy from body fat.  I take in too many carbs at the end of the day to make good progress. I want to keep my calories around 2000 a day and my carbs below 40. If I don’t drop weight by maintaining this formula then this theory may be false. I will reiterate I want significant weight loss!

I feel good today. My lack of sleep is interfering with my Daily feeling score. But the score is what it is.




Smile Often!

Morning weight: 188.2 lbs. 

Daily feeling score: 7.5

Calories: 1867    Carbs: 48

Workout: Chest, Hanging abs 30 mins.

weightsWhen I dropped weight before it was for my wedding. That was over four years ago. That’s when I first learned about how carbs affect me. I knew keeping those down was one of the big “keys” to success. Another small action item was to up my cardio; 3-4 times a week. The heavy-duty free weights took a back seat. This went down to once a week for each major body part i.e. chest, back, shoulders and legs, as the normal maintain routine. This dropped some of the weight but I’m afraid it took away my strength; along with some muscle. This TIME… I want to maintain my workouts and drop the right weight—body fat. That is our goal. We don’t want to go crazy with cardio. We want to relax, eat well and drop those pounds the proper way.

*HINT- If you get hunger twinges, eat some celery. That really won’t affect our numbers. You won’t even need to record it anywhere.

Smile Often!

Morning weight: 188.4 lbs. 

Daily feeling score: 7.4

Calories: 1616    Carbs: 47

Workout: Legs, Hanging abs 30 mins.

beltbuckleThe “why?” of most things I do is my motivation. I have lots of “whys”. That’s not a problem. My belt is a why…Yes that is correct. I know that I’m making progress based on my belt. When I started about 10 days ago my belt was going from the second to the last eyelet from the end, to where it is now comfortable. It was about to go to the very last eyelet. After that it would have been buy another larger belt. This progress might not seem like a lot –believe me – it is! These small wins are what make this Carb vs. Calorie fight so fun. The little jab I make in the fight is setting my body up to make further progress. I’m losing the weight the right way. Not starving myself, taking unnatural herbs or giving myself enemas to purge myself. I’m eating all the meat and cheese probably that I want. Keeping the carbs under control is how I win!

This morning I had a Starbuck’s double shot espresso light. It had only 5 carbs, but it was all sugar carbs. Later in the morning I was very hungry. The sugar balance is important. The more sugar you have the more cravings you’ll have. It’s a true example of delayed gratification. Carbs = sugar = blood sugar spikes = weight gain. Easy math!


Smile Often!

Day 9: Carbs vs. Calories – McDonald’s
Morning weight: 188.4 lbs.
Daily feeling score: 7.4
Calories: 1853 Carbs: 57
Workout: N/A

mcdonalds   Yes. I can go to McDonald’s. I ordered a la carte; two sausages and one scrambled egg. This has 446 calories and 3 carbs. The Chicken McNuggets looked and smelled delicious. But I know the routine. Look down at my gut, think about my health and look at my wife and daughter. I want to be around a while so it’s worth it to me to lean up!
My feeling score is to a 7.4. I think about snacking on popcorn or something while I’m at work. I sit all day on a computer. It’s easy to drop back to bad habits. The long-term goal is a series of steps. I will prevail.

Here’s where we are since we’ve started.

Pounds lost = 4. 4

Where are we?

This is easy!

Smile Often!

Morning weight: 189.2 lbs. 

Daily feeling score: 7.2

Calories: 1611    Carbs: 45

Workout: Chest, Hanging abs, 30 min


Remember what we said: ‘Increase calories’ well we sure did that yesterday. I weighed in this morning and what do you know? Dropped a little over half a pound. (Weigh-ins are in the morning) . Today I couldn’t find any food around the house to eat. I had my choice of high carb foods such as Bugles or popcorn but decided to maintain. Today was a low calorie day. We’ll push that back up tomorrow.

Restless night. I couldn’t go to sleep until about 2 am so I’m feeling sluggish on this beautiful Columbus Day. Had four glasses of wine to celebrate. I shouldn’t drink that much but since I didn’t have the day off from work thought I’d celebrate my own way.

Smile Often!