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Grand Life

Living lavishly, healthy and successfully

Welcome to LucullanLife

Smile it's easy      The purpose of this website is about thinking and creating everything that you desire in your life. We will concentrate on body, mind and spirit. This breaks down into other topics that include health, sex, exercise, emotions and psychology. This website will help guide you, inspire you and hopefully motivate you.

We utilize a unique format to do this.. First we will use stories to build a scenario of the topic. Most of the stories are taken from true situations with a couple of changes like the names and places. Then we will move into the guts of the topic and explore the issue. The stories, at least most, will have an applicable solution/conclusion.

We encourage you to try out some of the suggestions we offer and share your true stories good or bad. We're in this together and we depend on each other to break through any "hold-back" thinking.

If we can experience, test, discover, affirm, refute, debate, dialogue or learn about any of the numerous topics that are on this website then a higher purpose has been served!

Why not have it all?

Lucullan --It means lavish or luxurious. It can even mean rich!

That's what we want to attract right! Some will say that kind of thinking is too extravagent.
We must ask... What's wrong with that!

We know the mind is a powerful force. Let's think BIG thoughts and add Action to it.

Body, mind, spirit and success!

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